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How the Right Labour Hire and Staff Induction Methods Improve Your Bottom Line

Labour hire can be a very time-consuming, involved and costly process. When you hire new employees, they join your existing corporate culture and structure, which are very important aspects of the group dynamic. It’s never a good idea to hasten the process of onboarding new employees. Not only do you need to focus on having good recruitment methodologies in place, but this also needs to be followed by a thorough staff induction process.

The unfortunate part is that many businesses tend to spend too much time explaining how basic things in the office work, rather than arming the new staff with information that will help them fit in seamlessly into the system and their role within the company. If you usher the new recruits to their respective workstations and hand over the company manual to go through, that can cost you productivity and time and this translates to money.

Effective Staff Induction Process

One of the best ways to induct new staff members is to create a detailed checklist of things you need to cover within a certain timeframe. It always a good idea to pair new recruits with buddies and ensure that the length of the induction is similar to the probation period. For example, if the probationary timeframe is four months, the staff induction period should overlap it and needs to be of the same duration.

This will help you determine whether you have hired the right employee for the job. You are able to do this within the probationary timeframe before they become permanent staff members. It’s just not advisable for you to expect new hires to work things out for themselves.

Benefits Of A Good Induction Process

It’s far better and definitely more profitable to make sure that the new team members reach higher levels of efficiency and productivity, within the shortest possible time. The induction process you have in place can be the difference between the failure or success of the new hires. When you have excellent staff induction processes in place, it helps:

  • Improve the morale of the team
  • Create a happier workforce that’s satisfied with their jobs
  • Attain higher staff retention
  • Improve productivity within a shorter timeframe

No matter which way you look at it, having a sound labour hire process followed by a robust staff induction process offers a number of benefits with reference to staff engagement as well as your bottom line.

What Exactly Is Included In Staff Induction?

A staff induction program helps achieve a number of objectives such as:

  • Provides new employees with all the information they need to perform their roles.
  • Helps get them up to speed with the company’s operations
  • Sets the tone for workplace behaviours
  • Informs new recruits about the organisation’s visions and values, HR policies and future business plans and strategy

The staff induction process needs to create a very warm, friendly and conducive atmosphere that welcomes new employees into the workplace. This time is also used to provide on-the-job training related to:

  • Processes
  • Software
  • Internal systems
  • Other

Seamless Transitioning

As mentioned earlier, the induction process needs to coincide with the duration of the employees’ probationary period. The focus should be on creating processes that will make this phase as seamless as possible. This helps give new hires the best opportunity to prove themselves and succeed in their individual roles within your organisation.

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