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Benchmark Cost Solutions Videos

LED Lighting 70% More Efficient
3 Areas of Hidden Savings Opportunity $$$
Category Analysis Methodology – 5 Step Process
Business Process Outsourcing –  7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Business Outsourcing
Benchmark Cost Solutions
Transport Benchmarking
– Financial & Operational Gains
Transport Benchmarking
Multi-Site Retailer
Supply Chain Review – Alignment of customers needs then implement Best of Breed service providers
Transport Benchmarking
Supply Chain, Transport – Customer needs analysis
Waste Management Investing in Equipment?
Waste to Income $$$ Innovation Ideas
Energy Power Factor What is it?
Timber Association Client- Benchmarking produced 47% saving $2642
Recycling Polystyrene
Energy Insights
Transport Process Improvement
Transport 5 Point Health Check
Our Client has an EXTRA $26,000 Bottom Line PROFIT BOOST
Supply Chain Audit $170k saving
Car Dealership Energy Management – Procurement 3 different drivers NOT just the rate
$200k Saved in a single transport process, could this be happening in your operation?
Benchmarking QUICKLY produced$14500 (21%) Saving
Energy Charges Explained
Waste Management Benchmarking $1.7m Saved
Integrated Property Services Saved $131k / 40%
Labour Hire Benchmarking
International Freight Benchmarking $911k Saved
Energy and Transport Cost Savings – $180k + $300k Case Study
Energy Savings Case Study $56k Saved on $240k Spend – 23%