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Top Strategies To Enhance Satisfaction In New Labour Hire And Increase Retention

Many people believe that running a great business is about hiring people that have the qualification, experience, and skills for specific roles and then leaving them to do their job. But the fact is that, in the modern day workplace, it takes much more than that to retain skilled and talented employees.

So what are some things that you as a business owner can do to prevent employees from leaving, and how can you ensure that you get maximum engagement from them? The unfortunate fact is that a very small percentage of employees are really interested in their jobs. If you are able to increase engagement levels and get more people interested in their jobs within your organization that can provide strong returns. Read on to learn more about top strategies to enhance new labour hire satisfaction and increase retention.

Signs That Your Employees Are Invested In The Business

Employees that feel they are in sync with your organisation, will focus on creating value within the company and will also be more emotionally invested in their work. You know you have an engaged workforce when:

  • Everyone is more focused on driving the business and communicates in a constructive and open manner.
  • Employees go the extra mile to create a positive experience for everyone within the work environment.
  • They maintain a very broad focus and think about the big picture rather than the small issues.
  • Share strategies and ideas for constant improvement.
  • Look for ways to hone their work skills.
  • Focus on personal improvement.
  • It becomes possible to fill a role internally-this significantly reduces turnover as well as ongoing labour hire costs.

Tips To Improve Employee Engagement

#1 Allow Them To Take Ownership

When employees are able to see the impact of their work on a business, they are more motivated to perform better. It’s important for business owners to communicate with their staff how their work impacts the bottom line. It also important to encourage them to take ownership of their work and function autonomously. This really goes a long way in improving engagement levels.

#2 Recognition And Appreciation Matter A Great Deal

In a digital age where most workplace communication takes place online, it’s rare to find someone giving personal notes. However, when your employees do a good job, giving them a handwritten note is a simple way of showing your appreciation and recognising them for the good work. This can improve morale and encourage them to become more engaged.

#3 Flexibility With Work Arrangements

While this might not work in every business setup, most millennials look at FWA (flexible work arrangements) as a definite plus while joining an organisation. When managed right, FWA can reduce absenteeism and significantly increase staff retention. Some of the options of flexible work arrangements include:

  • Job sharing
  • Flexibility of work days or hours
  • Compression of hours
  • Work from home

These flexible work arrangement options can also help increase your talent pool.

Some Aspects To Consider

There are times when business owners find it very difficult to devise strategies that can keep employees engaged. In situations such as these, it’s a good idea to hire the services of a company that can provide you outsourced HR and related services, which can go a long way in keeping your employees interested in their jobs and engaged in their role within your organization. An engaged workforce will also be more productive which in turn increases the profitability of your company.

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