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Our Company

We Benchmark Suppliers against the Best in the Industry.
Helping to boost our Clients' Profits.


By forensically benchmarking your supply chain and all other operating cost, we at Benchmark Cost Solutions make sure your partners are best of breed!

About Benchmark Cost Solutions

Why use Benchmark Cost Solutions?

Benchmark Cost Solutions are Best of Breed PROFIT Boosters with years of industry experience and knowledge. We look at the numbers of your business to find cost reduction opportunities, increase profit, and align your suppliers to your business needs. We have offices in the key capital cities of Melbourne and Sydney. The Benchmark Cost Solutions team members are dedicated, experienced, and extremely passionate about helping our clients.

Our Experience

  1. Supply Chain, transport operations, both as freight forwarders and freight users. The team has analysed, re-designed, developed, commissioned, operated, re-engineered and improved transport operations across grocery, general merchandise, FMCG, manufacturing, primary industries, and online businesses.
  2. Benchmarking all operating costs for national multi-site businesses including 200+ store franchise models to implement cost reduction and Best of Breed PROFIT Boosting solutions