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Improving Transport Efficiency

Improving Transport Efficiency By Savings Up To 23%

Benchmark Cost Solutions have spent decades building trusted relationships that can reduce the transport costs of your business by almost a quarter. By taking a comprehensive look at your business, we’ll improve your efficiency, reduce costs, and keep your business moving forward.

28% savings with specialised transport project management

The Benefit To You

  • An extensive diagnosis of your current transport systems and customer delivery needs highlighting areas for improvement
  • Ability to increase your minimum order value
  • Find the right provider, who transports your type of product
  • Create a powerful buying group via industry or your neighboring businesses
  • Get a complete understanding of your transport needs

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Tailored Cost Reduction Solutions to Save You Real Money

We believe business success is built from a stable foundation which is why we always start by taking an in-depth look at your business, your current transport methods, your customer needs and rate structure. By identifying areas of improvement, we help to prevent costly mistakes and find you solutions that fulfil your unique requirements. Our experts know what to look for and make sure you know the right questions to ask both your provider and customers to ensure the best business processes and the highest savings possible.

Understanding Your Tariff

Complex and ever-changing methods of how transport providers charge make tariff’s hard to understand. Without understanding your tariff, however, you can’t make smart decisions and be confident you’re getting the best deal. From the type of vehicle to distance and weight versus volume, we’ll ensure you have the best understanding of your transport costs so you’re always in control of how, what and when you’re being charged.

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Expert Advice for Real Cost Reduction Solutions

Our expert team have worked with businesses of all sizes evaluating and improving their transport services. We can offer advice on every aspect of the transport industry tailoring it to your needs. But that’s not all. Our invaluable industry relationships ensure you get real connections to benefit your business. We tell you what to fix, how to fix it and help get you on the right track.

Your Guide to Renegotiating with Suppliers

  • Understand your profile of freight, how it is packed and your internal process
  • Take time to understand your customers’ needs – frequency of delivery, delivery window times, locations and packaging requirements
  • Look at carriers who are aligned with your freight profile
  • Take the time to completely understand the pricing matrix of the offer regarding the actual calculations. Understand minimum charge, consignment fee and breakpoints
  • Relevant statistics are analyzed to gain an insight
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