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How You Benefit By Embracing Cloud Computing

Traditional IT solutions are passé; now is the time for small businesses to embrace cloud computing. It’s fast becoming the standard method of storing information and there are a number of benefits to using cloud computing:

#1 It helps you save money

Conventionally, small businesses spend money on buying licensing software packages or installing and downloading it on individual PCs. On the other hand, cloud computing can provide SaaS (Software as a Service), which includes a number of programs that you can get individually as well.

These programs are stored on the remote servers that belong to service providers instead of the hard drives of your computers, and you don’t need high-end computing technology to use them either.

Since almost all the processes are automated on cloud, you end up saving a significant amount of money. Today, many small businesses have cut down their IT overheads since their service providers now directly take care of program maintenance and updates for them.

#2 You save time

Cloud computing was specially developed to be a service that requires minimal input or knowledge from the end-users. Very simply, cloud computing has eliminated the need for the end user having to worry about aspects such as program installation and downloading updates etc. You don’t have to worry about stopping work so an IT technician can install a program or download an update.

#3 No geographical limitations

Your staff doesn’t have to be dependent on emails to communicate with other team members in different geographical locations. For instance, a team member that is on a project in Singapore a can easily access a company document online, instead of waiting for a colleague back at the main office in Sydney to locate and email it to them.

#4 Flexibility

One of the core SaaS offerings of cloud computing’s is data storage; this allows even very large companies to access massive amounts of data without the need to operate their own servers. This simply means that instead of investing in additional space and more hard drives & servers to add to their capacity, a business that is in expansion mode can just store everything on cloud. The only things you require are devices to access this and an active and fast internet connection.

#5 Increased reliability

Cloud computing and the convenience it provides users is now proving that software as a service is far more reliable than software as a product. Even when multiple users use a single program, service providers just directly have to manage the software and also receive updates on issues immediately. This means fewer problems arise because the software doesn’t get downloaded onto computers that have been individually customised and contain other systems and programs that it may be incompatible with.

#6 Mobile functionality

We live in the age of mobile devices and cloud computing fits in beautifully with mobile technology, because you don’t have to rely on the device you are using for the storage capacity you need; and don’t have to worry about emailing documents from either your work or home PCs any longer.

Other benefits include

  • Improved security
  • Quickly disaster recovery
  • Bankability

Cloud computing can be applied to make your small business leaner as well as more effective at service delivery. Studies indicate that companies that use cloud computing save up to 50% on lifecycle costs compared to businesses that use a large number of in-house servers.

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