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Cloud Phone Solution: A Cost Reduction Tip that can Benefit Your Business

Many businesses use ISDN or PSTN for their phone systems; and if that’s what you are using, it’s time for you to consider switching to a system that will be not only more efficient, but cost-effective as well. Regardless of the size of your business, a cloud based phone solution may just prove to be a better option.

As per ACMA (Australian Communications & Media Authority), cloud computing services are becoming increasingly popular with SMBs. However, like all other business telecom systems, this one can be quite confusing too. Here are some facts about cloud-based phone solutions and how they can benefit your business:

#1 You save money

Today, cloud-based phone systems are looked upon as the ‘white knight’ of modern business communications. However, beyond all the glamour and glitz, it’s necessary to know how cloud-based systems can save your business some money. These systems don’t use any conventional phone lines, which mean you don’t pay any line rental fees.

This makes it a very cost-effective solution compared to the latter. You enjoy additional cost benefits because you don’t need any expensive outlays on your PBX systems. Aside from this, you won’t have to deal with expensive hardware repair and maintenance bills or even frustrating interactions with overseas call centres.

#2 In-sync with future technologies

When you look at the efficient call functionality and the cost savings in totality, it’s not difficult to understand why cloud-based phone systems are increasing in popularity. ISDN and PSTN broadband services are set to be phased-out over the next few years.

It means if your business uses either of these services, you would have to perforce switch to various different VoIP based voice services. Any legacy PBX hardware you use will also need to be replaced to ensure that these systems are compatible with IP-based voice services or a cloud-based phone solution.

#3 Flexibility and scalability

You should look for a cloud-based system that doesn’t require you to buy and maintain any PBX hardware. This would give you the flexibility to connect your phones to any location and integrate them into a phone service that can be used across your organisation. When your business expands, it will be quicker and easier to add more functionality and more phone lines when you have a cloud-based system.

#4 Customisable

Every business has different needs, and cloud-based systems are highly customisable. In addition to the flexibility they offer, you will find there are systems that are suitable for start-ups (that may require only two lines), to larger businesses with offices in multiple locations. If you conduct some research, it will help you find a system that efficiently meets your current needs and easily grows with you. The company you source these systems from will customise the solution so you get value for money.

#5 Fully-integrated communications system

With a cloud-based system you have a single number for multiple devices including Android, PC and iPhone. When you integrate your company’s communications with all the standard applications for workflows and business processes, it helps increase efficiency.

It’s easy to deploy business tools that operate within cloud-based phone systems, enabling your employees to remain connected regardless of whether they are in the office or on the move. This is how cloud provides a very consistent business presence and goes a long way in increasing productivity; in addition, it offers seamless access to instant messaging, email, CRM tools as well as video conferencing.

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