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How Hiring a Recruitment Agency Helps You Save Money and Time

Bringing new employees on board is an expensive and time-consuming activity and if you happen to make a bad hire, these costs escalate. It’s not uncommon for small businesses to handle their own recruitment, but you should consider hiring a recruitment agency for the job.

These agencies can save you quite a significant amount of time and money in the long-term. If you choose wisely and hire an agency that specialises in the field in which you are seeking talent, a recruiting agency can also up your chances of getting the appropriate employee at the first shot; take a look at how:

#1 Time saving

Regardless of where you post your job requirement, it’s very likely that an excellent potential employee may never even come across the posting. When you hire the services of a reputed and well-established agency, they will also have a very broad network and maintain resumes of literally thousands of skilled professionals from your local area.

Once you send across your requirement to them, they will match those criteria with candidates who’re closer to the correct fit than you could likely find if you look for them yourself. In fact, this also saves you considerable time as you don’t have to wade through a large number of resumes from applicants that aren’t qualified for the post.

Aside from seeking out the perfect employee, the recruitment agency will also handle all the other time-consuming aspects of this process such as the initial interview, select reference checks and conduct skill-testing etc. This gives you and your key executives the time to focus, on your core responsibilities.

#2 Reduce turnover costs

Surveys and studies have shown that a below-average performing employee takes up about 17% of their manager’s time; which amounts to almost 1 day each week. If you have more than one employee like that on your payroll that can significantly impact your productivity. If you hire a poor-performer and eventually have to replace them, you have to put in time to find as well train the new employee which results in even more lost hours.

A recruitment agency helps reduce turnover as they vet the candidates before they send them through to you. In most cases, a recruitment agency will also have worked with these candidates on a consultative and temporary basis before; this gives the staffing specialist a very good idea about whether these potential employees will be able to meet the work standards of your organisation and sync with your office work culture.

#3 Get rid of upfront recruitment and training costs

Recruitment agencies also perform pre-employment evaluations on your behalf. They cover a large portion of all the expensive legwork which can become a drain on your budget. This can easily impact a small or even a medium-sized business with limited manpower, limited HR support and a tight budget.

A good recruitment agency also often offers candidates easy access to a range of training opportunities and resources; this gives them the opportunity to home their talents and learn the ropes. This type of training ensures you get capable employees that have robust industry specialisation and a wide-reaching skill set.

In addition, a recruitment agency can also help you save some money during busy times such as when you require skilled temporary employees to for tasks such as publishing new marketing materials, initiating it upgrades and performing audits etc.

The savings and long-term benefits of working with a credible recruitment agency can reduce the strain on your company in terms of budget as well as time-management.

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