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There’s More To Cloud Computing Than Saving Money

Successful cloud implementation is all about intricate resource management, flexibility and speed. If you focus on these three aspects, it will help increase your savings . Many business owners hear about how they can save money by moving to the cloud and that it’s an excellent way for businesses of all shapes and sizes to cut IT infrastructure costs. What most people can’t understand is exactly how these companies use cloud computing platforms to save money.

It’s common for IT teams to estimate the costs of “lifting and shifting” all the information and data from their data centres onto the new cloud computing platforms. This approach is associated with IAAS (infrastructure-as-a-service). Once they have estimated the costs, they often conclude that cloud is far more expensive than traditional methods of storing data. Is that really the case?

The fact is that companies which manage to make a successful transition to cloud platforms do so by focusing on aspects such as speed, flexibility, careful resource management and cost transparency. They can ensure that their IT investments are cost-effective and efficient, by reducing spend in personnel costs and compute resources. They can also free-up personnel and resources and channel these towards more business initiatives.

The Benefits of Cloud Computing

In simple words, cloud computing is considered a cost reduction opportunity

will save you money as long as you focus on these aspects. Let’s take a closer look at what these are:

  • Speed – This is undoubtedly the most significant benefit of transitioning to the cloud. Speed in this context does not refer to application performance, but is the time between decisions for provisioning and executing the code. Most companies have tedious and lengthy software and hardware procurement processes.

    Sometimes, even with well-set vendor relationships in place, it can take weeks to obtain physical hardware. Configuration and integration of the hardware into the data centre takes additional time. When you opt for cloud services, once you connect the cloud platform securely to your network, it takes only a few clicks to provision the networks.

  • Flexibility – Cloud-based platforms are scalable, and you can quickly change MPP SQL cluster sizes as needed. This is not something you can do if you have physical hardware that came with a specific number of nodes. Some companies end up over purchasing, and that’s a waste of money too. With cloud-based services, you can size your computing assets correctly as needed.
  • Intricate Resource Management – This is another distinct benefit of cloud computing. You can turn up or down the computer power depending on how much you need on a particular day. Provision more resources for specific hours, effectively controlling budget dollars.
  • Cost Transparency – Since you can use storage and cloud services on a function and/or application basis, you have visibility of the dollars spent, which means there is more transparency in the costs of initiatives. If you implement your company’s data entirely in the cloud, the total cost to run this new system will be far quicker to bring into production.
    The costs will be significantly lower than a similar on-premise system that can involve considerable capital expense. The time needed for provisioning the system, installing, architect as well as implement also translate into time and money expenditures.

Plan Your Move to the Cloud in a Well-Planned Manner

These are the main catalysts driving businesses to transition to the cloud. Whether you are refactoring existing systems, or implementing new ones, focus on these aspects. You will be able to quickly manage all your customer data while delivering resources and dollar savings that you would ideally want.

Hire consultants that would be able to help you with recommendations on which platform would work best for you based on your business needs and requirements such as cost, scalability and more. As you can see, there are several notable benefits to moving to the cloud and cost is only one of them.

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