Find out how we saved $2.7m with the same International Freight Supplier

Our experience negotiating in the market and diagnosing the costly mistakes your business makes is second to none. We’ll reduce your spending and improve efficiencies by partnering you with low-cost and reliable freight forwarders, so not only will you save money, but your containers always arrive on time.

Freight Forwarding Cost Saving

The benefit to you

A comprehensive diagnosis of your freight profile
Access to the most competitive rates
A reliable and trustworthy provider to keep your business moving forward
Improve your competitiveness internationally
Ensuring regular rate updates to keep you in control

Savings of up to $911,000 per annum of $364 per TEU

Accurately Diagnosing Errors and Identifying Opportunity

We’ve developed the most comprehensive analysis templates that enable us to dive deep into your freight forwarding processes. By identifying, understanding and analysing every aspect of your charges, systems and processes, we can accurately diagnose issues and implement changes to save you money.

We’re experienced solving problems in business from 200 TEU to more than 70,000 TEU and easily adapt to the unique freight forwarding needs of your business.

Taking The Hard Work Out of Negotiating

We’ve spent years building trusted relationships with suppliers to give your business access to the most competitive rates on the market. Our negotiating power and extensive market knowledge puts you in charge when dealing with a supplier. By providing a current snapshot of your business and highlighting areas that need improvement, you get a deep understanding of the many ways you can save money.

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Helping You Understand Distribution

The biggest mistakes are made when businesses don’t understand the distribution environment. We’ll stop you from making costly mistakes, such as locking in long-term contracts at the wrong time of year and not reviewing and updating your suppliers and practices. By looking at your freight forwarding needs as a whole, we can identify any mistakes and arm you with the knowledge to understand the best practices that will save you money.

See how much you could be saving on your freight right now

How it works

Desktop Audit – We take a day to identify financial and operational opportunities
Potential Savings Identified – We advise on high-level opportunity and run our diagnostic model to identify potential savings
Comprehensive forensic diagnosis – Over 12 months, we run a full forensic audit on your freight forwarding profile and all charges
Benchmark your spend and usage profile – We provide you with a ‘best of breed’ pricing matrix using actual current market rates that businesses like yours are paying
Benchmarking considerations – Our investigation takes everything into consideration, such as the value of a good relationship rather than just finding the lowest price
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Benchmark Cost Solutions