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Cost Reduction How to Save Money On a New Office Fit Out

If you’re considering getting an office fit out done, it will involve a considerable monetary investment, making it important to get it right the first time. While it’s important to choose the right décor and get the right feel, you also need to make sure the space is functional, comfortable and that it improves your company’s brand image. It isn’t uncommon for office fit-out budgets to get out of hand. So you need to focus on all these aspects while keeping your budget in view. Here are some cost reduction tips that will help you save money on a new office fit out:

#1 Planning & Designing

This is an important part of any office fit out project. You need to carefully plan exactly how to place things and where to place them in order to make optimum use of the available space. Focus on creating a great design that meets the needs of your office setting. A well-planned and well-designed office space makes for a comfortable and stress-free environment that your clients, as well as staff, will appreciate.

#2 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself

Whether you are refurbishing an existing office or starting a new office fit out, you need to ensure that the solutions chosen will offer better staff performance and smoother movement flow throughout the office. Some of the questions you need to be asking yourself include:

  • Why are you getting the fit out done?
  • What type of fit out do you need?
  • If you’re moving, where will the new office be?

The answers to all these relevant questions will help determine the duration it will take to complete the project and what the total budget will be. While you need to make sure that the new spaces meet the current needs of your office, you also need to ensure the plan is scalable. This will make it easier and less expensive for you to make alterations in the future. When designing the new office fit-out, it’s important to consider the impact of moving existing IT infrastructure to modern cloud-based solutions. This transition could affect the pipeline installations throughout the office as well as the communications/server room.

#3 Keep Your Budget In View And Get Multiple Quotes

It’s easier to get quotes when you already have a set budget. While some amount of initial research would be required, having a general view about what your budget is will help you save time dealing with companies that are unable to deliver on your expectations or are outside your set budget. Some aspects to keep in view while creating a budget for your office fit out include:

  • Costs related to the move
  • The duration for which you may have to store existing furniture and equipment
  • The overall design and plan of the fit out
  • The cost of any new furniture
  • Telecommunications IT infrastructure

Have all the detailed information about your requirements ready and then request quotes from multiple contractors. Check what’s included and excluded in the quote and compare the contractors on the basis of pricing, their experience, and reputation in the market as well as other deliverables like schedules etc. If the company provides comprehensive fit-out services, make sure the quote includes:

  • Technical plans and blueprints
  • Design brief
  • Building assessment
  • Delivery of various materials
  • Construction and project management

Ensure that the quote includes all the possible costs. This will help you budget for the project more effectively. It’s also important to factor in 20-25% more in the estimated cost to provide for any changes or unprecedented price increases. For effective and sustainable cost reduction opportunities & efficiencies that will increase your bottom line, contact the experts at Benchmark Cost Solutions at this number – 02 9525 0777. If you prefer, write to us at this email address, and we will revert quickly.

Thanks for reading, Benchmark Cost Solutions Team 02 9525 0777