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How to Get a Website Designed On a Budget

Reliable market surveys indicate that 75% of customers judge a company’s reputation based on the design of the website. Nearly one-third of small business owners, though, still have no website. When you’re a small business owner, not getting a website could cost you loss of business and lower your profitability. It means that those who look online for services or products that you offer will choose your competitors over you because you don’t show up in their searches. The site doesn’t need to be too elaborate, which means that you don’t have to pay an outrageous amount to an agency to build a stylish website. Several inexpensive website developers offer excellent services and can custom-design a business site on a budget for you. Here we cover what you need to hear about inexpensive websites, why an online platform is so important, and a few tips to reduce web design costs.

The Best Tools to Create Inexpensive Websites

When you haven’t budgeted much for a website, you might feel like hosting one isn’t worth your time or the effort. As stated earlier, a website is priceless. Besides, there are plenty of free website builders online. There is something for every budget, and you can choose a package that suits your needs. Here are some of the most excellent website builders you can choose from for your business:
  • Weebly
  • GoDaddy
  • HostGator
  • Site123

Tips for Designing Inexpensive Websites

The alternatives mentioned above are all great choices if you’re looking for a decent website without breaking the bank. Nonetheless, if your business still wants to cut costs, you may find the tips mentioned below useful, they include:

Crowdsource Your Project

Another way to save time is to try using a crowdsourcing service, which will help you with a wide range of sample designs. You’ll only pay for the one that works best for you, so rates are usually low. 99 Designs, for example, starts at $599 for custom website design. What’s great about the plans? High-quality layout for your page. And all of these people are freelancers, making paying them more straightforward. The drawback? While getting a concept blueprint, you will still have to employ a web developer or web builder to turn it to a working platform.

Hire Students

Another low-cost alternative is to approach a program director at a nearby art college for a referral to students who’s great at designing websites. The applicant will be able to do the job just for portfolio credit – or at least at a cost considerably less than a professional designer would. Once you’re about to transform concept mock-up into a functioning platform, search for another student or website design beginner who is willing to bargain. You can get a great website at rock-bottom costs. This choice is a win-win scenario because you can get a budget website, and the student can gain valuable website building experience.

Using social media

Instead of having your own web address, you should switch to social media. Hosting social media pages is free. Try using sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. There are a few things to bear in mind. Firstly, it might be better if you pay for advertisements on these pages. While you can build accounts for online identity, you still might have to spend a little to stand out. Secondly, social media cannot make you consumer-friendly. Most customers say they’d prefer a website over a social media page. Basically, you should consider using social media to complement your site rather than the main outlet. But if your choices include hosting social networking sites or not to host anything at all, you’re best off going the social network platform way.

Outsource Abroad

Agencies in India, the Philippines, and other lower-cost countries will typically charge less than Australia-based web design builders. Review portfolios on Mentor and Up-work pages. When you see freelancers, submit applications based on your requirements, and you would be able to get a well-designed site for less.

Exchange Services

If you meet some website designers and creators, or if you’re a member of a trade group, try asking them if they’re comfortable with exchanging services. You can either consider selling your services for free or at a reduced rate.

Opt For Pre-Existing Themes

If it’s not that crucial for you to create an entirely unique website design, you could save a lot of money by using free or paid templates for your chosen platform. offers over 1,400 free themes, and Dream Template’s membership platform gives access to over 7,000 premium plans. You wouldn’t have to necessarily fork out large amounts of money to create an effective website. There are plenty of inexpensive web builder resources available today if you do not have time to learn how to create a website. These straightforward plans will be appropriate options for the first year or two of operation. When your company expands, and you have more stable finances, you can extend and develop your platform to boost customer experience. Consider creating a website budget every year to help grow your business. It will help you build your brand and expand your customer base. For more information on designing websites on a budget, contact the experts at Benchmark Cost Solutions at this number – 02 9525 0777. If you prefer, write to us at this email address, and we will revert quickly. Thanks for reading, Benchmark Cost Solutions Team 02 9525 0777