Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Consider Going Digital

why small businesses should consider going digital

22 Apr Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Consider Going Digital

Whether you are a well-established company with stable funding or a start-up on a tight budget, there are specific technological advances you should consider adopting. These advances will help you save time, resources and costs while helping you to streamline all your business processes.

Today, businesses that incorporate digital technology smartly into their operations and workings can engage customers and employees in unprecedented ways. Not only does this help improve staff productivity, but customer satisfaction too.

Today, many businesses, big and small, are launching apps for their websites that ease the processes of maintaining customer feedback, administrative tasks and employee track records. Many companies launch apps for rendering services and sales; this is now almost a norm in all business sectors. No matter which way you look at it, going digital can benefit companies of any shape and size.

Different ways to Go Digital

1. Common Platform for Brainstorming and Note-Taking

First, calculate the total costs of the resources you waste in distributing stationery notepads, as well as other office supplies to your staff for tracking notes in business meetings and for their research. If your company uses a single app on one OS, that can save you a significant amount of money and ease the burden on the environment too. The other notable benefit is that as the notes are already digital, you don’t need to get them transcribed and typed out manually at all.

2. Adopt Cloud Technology

Emails can be confusing; they delay communications and can be annoying as well. When your employees communicate through email, these types of connections need acknowledgments. It also results in time wastage as your employees end up wasting valuable time in drafting business email replies.

But most offices today have high-speed internet connections which support cloud technology. Switch your documentation to the cloud; you and your employees would be able to access them from any location. Many companies also promote remote work a few days a week and cloud technology is an excellent digital tool that organisations and firms of all scales can adopt.

Hiring professional IT technicians to set up elaborate LAN networks and/or distributing flash drives etc. can be quite expensive. Most reliable cloud services like Google Drive offer large amounts of free storage space. It means switching to the cloud becomes a more feasible solution.

3. Transition to VoIP

Today, there are many Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services you can use in place of mobile calls. The money you save annually by switching to VoIP translates to significant cost savings for companies of any size. It’s also a green option that helps you maintain call logs as well. You should consider using a common number for a business account and Skype and Voxox etc. offer these options.

4. Encouraging Freeware and Open Sourcing

Mainstream software can be quite heavy on the pocket and depending on the ones you use, and they can eat away a large chunk of your budget. Using pirated ones isn’t the right solution because that would mean you are breaking cyber law. But why worry about all these things when there are open-source options readily available.

Seeking licenses & permissions account for a significant portion of a company’s annual expenses. Most organisations use operating systems, photo/video stock gallery archives, and popular document-processing apps and email services out of sheer force of habit. But several open-source platforms offer code-free utilisation, and many of these are far more efficient than paid versions.

Go Digital Today

Many business owners shy from going digital and restrict their use of online tools and systems because they are intimidated by them. The common misconception is that transitioning to these apps and platforms can be time-consuming and disruptive to their business workings.

But when you work with professionals in the field, they can help you make the transition easier. There is rarely any downtime, and most of these systems are quite user-friendly. Modern-day employees are quite tech-savvy on the whole and adoption doesn’t pose much of an issue for most people. Having a mostly digitally-run business also tells your customers and employees that you are progressive and dynamic in adapting to changes in the industry.

This adds valuable impressions which are crucial in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Your workforce will be less burdened with managing various tasks manually, which will also leave them with more time to attend to more crucial jobs. This aspect will increase their work satisfaction and productivity and as a result, your business profitability too.

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