Access 20% – 30% Savings with Our Strategic Integrated Property Services and Management

Our strategically bundled managed services deliver consistent savings by identifying every possible area to improve your operational efficiency. We deliver proactive, reactive and scheduled services to your business, so you see real savings to your bottom line as we personalise our offering to suit your business needs. :

What you get

Significant cost reductions
Simplified and transparent invoices
A single point of contact to improve efficiency and remove stress
Operational improvements with access to the best suppliers
A dedicated team with the best interests of your business top of mind

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Your Entire Facility Managed Under One Brand

Firstly we identify the costly mistakes that your company might be making right now.

Our fully integrated Property Services will see a variety of your services managed with only one point of contact, so you see overall operational improvement and increased efficiency. We’ll look after your scheduled programmed maintenance, compliance and regulatory requirements, repairs and anything urgent that arises. You can stop asking if you’re getting a fair price, if your quotes are accurate or if your suppliers doing their job properly. We ensure everything is running smoothly and you’re always getting the best value.

We’ll show you exactly how you can save money in your business

Save Money Without Compromise

We’ve built trusted relationships with top suppliers and leverage our buying power to save our clients real money without reducing quality. Before making any changes or undergoing expensive repairs, we always take the time to get to the root of the problem, so we can take the best possible approach going forward. Our diagnostic and forensic approach helps you understand how and why changes are made, so you’ll always feel confident in our service.


The Best Interests of Your Business are Top of Mind

We pride ourselves on our strong and fully transparent relationships and back up our incredible savings with a reliable, trustworthy and efficient service. There are so many areas to uncover potential savings and improve your operational facilities and it’s our goal to find them for you.

How Benchmark Cost Solutions can help you buy better

Fire Services / Emergency Lighting
HVAC – Air Conditioning
Electrical Services
Security Services
Concierge and Valet Services
Maintenance Services
Waste Management
Energy Management and Efficiency
Pest Control
Grounds Maintenance
Car Park Management
Shop Fitouts / De-fits
Benchmark Cost Solutions