Waste Management Consultant To Reduce Cost with No Lock In Contracts

Our decades of experience and trusted relationships help you improve efficiency and reduce spending. Here’s how:

waste management consultant
Ensure your staff understand the recycling process
Maximise your recycling opportunities
Look in your bins weekly, what is actually in them
How much recycling products are disposed as general waste?
Check your bins are not being picked up ½ full
Find businesses that will pick up unbroken pallets for free

Helping you with your wastage

Firstly we identify the costly mistakes that big corporate and medium sized companies might be making.

You should be benchmarking pricing and services regularly, assuming your provider is looking after you can be a major cost over time.

Thinking it’s all about beating up your supplier on rates, there are so many other angles. Putting your recycling such as cardboard in general waste bin will cost you up to 7 times the cost of recycling.

• Using the wrong service, font lift bins, skip bins, bins being picked up ½ empty.
• Don’t fall for the honeymoon rate.
• Beware contracts have an automatic roll over clause, so if you miss the window to question or review you are locked in for another term usually 3 years.

See where you are wasting money with our bill and contract review

How to understand your tariff

• There are various ways you could be charged so make sure you take the time to understand your charges.
• Correctly recycling will assist you having your charges under control.
• Ask your waste provider to breakdown the jargon and acronyms that your are expected to understand.


Guide to renegotiating with suppliers

• Ask your waste provider to come and inspect what is actually in your bins.
• Ask them how can we better recycle and therefore divert waste from landfill.
• Make them REMOVE the automatic roll over clause from your contract.
• As part of your contract have them visit and inspect your waste streams 6 monthly and update you on new waste diversion / recycling offers.

How Benchmark Cost Solutions can help you buy better

• We have 20+ years of experience buying, negotiating and creating innovation for all types of businesses waste problems.
• We interrogate our clients waste category from all angles:
• The pricing,
• Review the services offered, what type of bins, schedule of pick ups, recycling as many waste streams as possible.
• Site culture, what is actually happening, is recycling being put into expensive waste bins?
• We assist our clients to achieve government funding (up to 50%) for waste solutions in certain areas.
• We run tenders for small and large multinational clients and take the mystery out of complex offers.

Glossaries / list of confusing terminology

Front lift bin
RRO – Roll on roll of = Bulk bin
Bin rental – some companies charge you rent on the bin
waste management services
Benchmark Cost Solutions