Solar Energy Cost Reduction With Our Commercial Solar Partner

solar energy cost reduction
Our partner installs more commercial Solar than any other company
Our partner has the highest average sized systems completed
They are the #1 commercial solar company in 2015 & 2016
#1 in NSW, WA and VIC in commercial systems in 2016
They specialise only in commercial installs
Tier 1 Product
25 year warranty / 10 year warranty on inverters
Take advantage of multi-site installations for much larger savings
Options which require no upfront cost, and cash flow positive from year 1
National and highly professional client portfolio
Reduce the rate of electricity you pay– in a time where rates are heavily increasing

See how much you could be saving on your solar right now. 

Government Assistance / Rebate

2030 is the renewable energy target so the benefit is a sliding scale.

For each year, we get closer to 2030 the rebate/assistance decreases.

Solar power gets converted to be used as if it comes from your normal power source and yes it can be used for 3 phase power. It converts DC power to AC power. Convertor connects to the grid to manage the frequency.

This is the essence of solar – it merely redirects your usage from the system instead of the grid. Your rates on the bill don’t change, just the amount of kWhs that you use from the grid.  Your devices do not know the difference.

All installations will take 3 months to complete and will be built to allow for battery to be added in the future

Best States

  1. WA – high generation and high energy prices
  3. VIC
Benchmark Cost Solution

Best Industries

Any industry where there is roof-space, ground space or car spaces where usage is at least $1,000/month minimum per site, with multiple sites obtaining even further savings through economies of scale.

What can go wrong if you don’t choose the right partner?

  • Poor financials
  • Incorrect modelling and overinflated
  • Installation experience is critical for lasting performance and minimal disruption during the installation process
  • Over capacity, just to sell more panels $$$ to increase margin.


Not financially viable to sell into grid as the retailer will give you an extremely low amount IF AT ALL. Also to add, commercial solar looks to minimise what goes back into the grid anyway, as we want the business to use as much of the systems generation as possible

Every proposal is tailor made with variations

  • Aspect / Orientation
  • Geographical/ sunlight
  • Roof solid / Flush / Tilt frame
  • Roof asbestos
  • What is the price of energy at site location
  • Payback
  • Usage curve
  • Optimal financial model

What do we need?

Recent Energy bill
Property owned?
Leased – how long is the lease?
Is roof Asbestos?
solar energy usage

Here’s How We Can Help You Reduce Costs:


Real Savings that you could be experiencing right now:

Cost Reduction
Benchmark Cost Solutions