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Our decades of experience and trusted relationships help you improve efficiency and reduce spending. Here’s how:

Review your current billing services
Audit any previous office locations for lines not closed
Identify any overcharges that may have occurred
Reduce old ADSL services and unused mobile services
Work with your billing company
Show you how much money you will save

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Handling company errors

Firstly we identify costly mistakes that big corporate and medium sized companies might be making:

Billing errors can be a recurring theme on customer telecommunication bills, however can easily be avoidable with the appropriate steps.

They are generally a data input error and are not deliberate. They occur when a change is made to a cost or plan or when a new service is connected.

How to understand your tariff

Price testing – telecommunications pricing is constantly changing and what was a competitive price at the beginning of a contract can quickly
Become expensive compared to the market. We recommend customers conduct a market price test every 12 months to ensure their pricing
Remains competitive and also ensure new plans and services have not been introduced and you could be missing out on these benefits.

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Glossaries / list of confusing terminology

End of life products – An end of life product is when the carrier no longer provides the service but you are still being billed for the product. The carrier does not advise customers of this and it is up to the customer to cancel or upgrade these services. Examples of these types of services are:
• Payphones
• Calling line identification charges
• Handset rental costs for fixed telephones
• Point of sale services
• Outdated data technology

See where you are wasting money with our bill and contract review

Guide to renegotiating with suppliers

Profiling – this is the most critical part of managing telecommunications expenditure. The majority of companies can tell you how much they
are spending each year on telecommunications from their balance sheet but very few can tell you how they are spending this money. By
Profiling your costs you are in a very strong negotiation position with your supplier and can quickly adapt to new technology and pricing.

Here is an example of profiling:

  • Mobile Phone expenditure $750,000 per annum
  • Smartphone users 750
  • Av monthly spend $66
  • Av mthly data usage 1.5gb
  • Wireless Broadband users 180
  • Av monthly plan $36
  • Av monthly data usage 1.2gb

This customer has been able to profile their mobile users and understand the exact cost per user. From this profile they are able to negotiate a new plan for their smartphones for $35 per month with 2gb data shared which resulted in savings of $279,000 per annum.

How Benchmark Cost Solutions can help you buy better

Use the billing and customer data to your advantage
Understand telecommunications usage better than your provider
Benefit from benchmarks 20 years of experience
Negotiating power that comes from a huge network
Industry connections and insider knowledge
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