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Our decades of experience and trusted relationships help you improve efficiency and reduce spending. Here’s how:

Here are some of the common areas we can help you improve:

Review your current network arrangements
Audit your network costs
Work with your local network company
Audit of your current electricity invoices
Identify any overcharges that may have occurred
Benchmark your current contract rates
Show you how much money you will save

See how much you could be saving on your electricity right now. 

Helping you negotiate and reduce your energy tariffs.

Firstly we identify the costly mistakes that your company might be making right now.

Do you assume that you are on a good deal because you are medium sized energy user?

We can show you how to take advantage of market legislation so you can benefit from supply arrangements normally reserved for largest electricity consumers – who pay substantially lower electricity costs than other consumers.

You might not understand the market and therefore buy at the wrong time.

Like any commodity, electricity is subject to wild price swings- we have access to both wholesale and spot market prices allowing our clients to negotiate supply contracts at most favorable times.

See where you are wasting money with our bill and contract review

How to understand your tariff

“Network charges” appear on many customers’ electricity invoices. Typically these charges can account for over 60% of total costs however there is little understanding within the business community about what network charges are and what opportunities exist to reduce them. This is an area we are particularly skillful in and we bring all of our knowledge to bear when reviewing this section of your charges.

Guide to renegotiating with suppliers

  1. Request a price at the right time (due to market volatility)
  2. Send request to correct person within supplier (avoid account managers, general email/phone contact point)
  3. Provide all required consumption/company data retailers require providing lowest quote
  4. Ensure you are able to accept offer in a limited time, as they are only valid for a few days

Glossaries / list of confusing terminology

The electricity market contains lots of confusing, technical terms that makes. This often leads to confusion and can give the impression that power companies are not being completely honest with their customers or providing the best value. We see education of our customers as a key part of our service.
By explaining what the terminology means in plain English and how this impacts your business, we believe you will be in a better position to engage with the energy companies as an equal. Terms such as Loss factor, network tariff, LRET, SRET, Meter charge, etc. are generally not fully explained to customers and cause a lot of confusion and anxiety as a result

How Benchmark Cost Solutions can help you buy better

We leverage 20+ years of experience and industry contacts
We leverage $100M buying power to help you get the best deal
We work with the large, corporate energy users
We offer the SME sector a low cost model
By applying 20 years of learning to get our clients the best deals

Here’s How We Can Help You Reduce Costs:


Real Savings that you could be experiencing right now:

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