Our Lighting and Power Solutions Reduce Your Energy Costs by Up to 27%

Leveraging invaluable industry relationships built over decades of experience, we give you access to the highest quality solutions to reduce your energy spending and improve your efficiency.

Benefit to you

A complete audit of your energy usage identifying areas you can save money
Access to wholesale and spot market prices giving you negotiating power
Knowledge to properly understand and manage your energy usage
Tailored solutions and state-of-the-art technology to improve your efficiency
Access to our commercial solar partner, the number one commercial solar company in 2015 and 2016

See how much you could be saving on your electricity right now. 

Helping you negotiate and reduce your energy tariffs.

An efficient energy source is essential to any business but with rising prices, finding the right solutions and avoiding costly mistakes is paramount. Our experts will take an in-depth look at your energy usage, supply charges and business needs to evaluate your current providers. We’ll identify areas you can be saving money giving you access to our wholesale and spot market prices that protect you from constant price increases. It’s also important for us to help you understand your tariff giving you as much control over your expenditures as possible.

See where you are wasting money with our bill and contract review

How to understand your tariff

‘Network charges’ appear on many customers’ electricity invoices. Typically, these charges can account for over 60% of total cost, however, there is little understanding within the business community about what network charges are and what opportunities exist to reduce them. This is an area we’re particularly skilled in and bring years of knowledge and experience when helping you navigate your tariffs

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Efficient LED Lighting to Save You Thousands

Lighting is a major contributor to any industrial property’s energy bill. A typical 400W metal halide lamp costs around $420 to run annually, compared to $145 for the equivalent LED. Our LED solutions offer incredible ROI and state incentives and financing can further increase your returns. We’re your one-stop shop offering a full diagnostic of your lighting spend and installation of leading LED lighting tailored to your requirements. We leverage our $100m spend to get your business the best possible deal.

Powering The Future of Business

We work with the country’s leading commercial solar power provider giving you access to huge savings on your energy bill month after month while reducing your businesses carbon footprint. While government incentives provide significant savings for your business, they’re continuing to decrease as we approach 2030 so now is the time to switch.

With our expert guidance, the switch to solar can be efficient and cause no interruptions to your business. When installed properly, your business won’t know the difference as solar provides energy as if it were from the grid. The only difference you’ll notice is on your bill.

How Benchmark Cost Solutions can help you buy better

We leverage 20+ years of experience and industry contacts
Our $100M buying power helps you get the best deal
We work with the large, corporate energy users to offer the SME sector a low-cost model
Our unmatched industry experience and network gives you the knowledge you need to be in control of your energy costs
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