• $170,000 on a single transport route
  • $400,000 on a logistics process
  • $33,000 resolved energy mistakes
  • $55,000 telecoms audit
  • 15% fixed assets, cut overdraft to 50%
  • 50% reduction for transport needs
  • $365,000 new markets for faulty stock
  • $235,000 wages reduction
  • $30,000 reduced supplier costs (30%)
  • $152,000 transport strategy (17%)
  • $210,000 shopping bags (35%)
  • $6,000 per order for export procedure

Let Benchmark Find the Clever Cost Reductions Strategies to Improve Your Bottom Line

telco contracts
Interrogate Your Costs

With decades of experience we look at every angle, uncover every opportunity and show you how to find those undiscovered savings.

logistic process
International Freight
Reduce Your Expenses

We help you quickly identify the areas where your business is leaking cash.  Recycling waste, improving efficiencies, renegotiating with suppliers – we leave no stone unturned.

transport services
waste management
Business Health Check

With just a few simple strategies we can drive more profits to you bottom line and help your business look and feel healthier and more viable.

How Do We Help You
Succeed In Finding Those Untapped Opportunities?

It’s pretty easy.

** I am in the business of relationships and can help you find the right ones for your business.

** I get to the bottom of your real issues because I ask the tough questions.

** I can help you break your current groupthink by pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo.

Benchmark cost solutions will find hidden costs, inefficiencies and leakage that your business is currently carrying. We will implement ready to use solutions so you can run a more efficient, leaner and sustainable operating model.

Realise and reach the full potential of your business by working with Benchmark Cost Solutions. To discuss how we can assist y our business to identify its untapped potential please contact us to organise a no obligation meeting.

Using our DRIA™ model, we will show you how you can realise the  full potential of your business.

Benchmark Cost Solutions